Interview: Leith Anderson and Nicole Baker Fulgham Discuss How Churches Can Respond To Education Inequality


Our founder, Nicole Baker Fulgham, recently sat down with Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals to discuss The Expectations Project and how we are working to combat educational inequality.

In this podcast, produced by NAE, you’ll learn about the inequality that is currently present in our nation’s school system. Nicole discusses the “two school systems” present in most cities and towns across the country, the achievement trend lines in American classrooms, and how her own education and background led her to the work she is doing today.

Finally, she’ll discuss what churches can do to usher equity and justice into low-income classrooms. It’s time that churches took a stand for the children in their communities that do not have a voice. Listen to the interview now and learn how you and your congregation can begin making a difference in your community:

Listen to the podcast, here.

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